Burned to Ash, Ground to Dust

Ground to Dust began in the Spring of 2007 as an instrumental electronic project by Antidote For Annie creator paTrick with the release of a seven track self-titled EP. Drawing mainly on the influences of Industrial, EBM and Synth-Pop, but also including some Noise, Drum and Bass, Ambient and even Classical sounds, the project soon rose to prominence within the New England dark electronic scene. Tracks such as Digging My Way Out and Separate made appearances along the East Coast, and were even heard nationally via web radio and podcasts.

Leanne Greenman served as vocalist for the project from 2009 - 2011. The first full-length, Everything Ends: A Cycle of Entropy and Regneration, was released Oct. 13, 2009, with the EP follow-up Pause coming out May 11, 2011.

After Leanne departed the project, paTrick took some time to rethink his sound. On August 5, 2014 he released Recoil, a return the the instrumental sounds of the first release, but with a more developed film-score vibe.